Cloud-based identity confirmation services using biometric technology. Our patented biometric and hardware agnostic platform provides the backend identity database to be shared among the many industries suffering from fraud and compliance issues caused by the insecurity of existing IDs.

Protected by patent #7,779,457, our universal web service allows all financial institutions, companies and governments to work together to proactively prevent fraud. IDENTIFiD operates a backend identity confirmation service that is front-end neutral, biometric agnostic, and system independent – meaning IDENTIFiD can be integrated into any existing business or process. Our universal web service allows for both positive identification of an individual and keeps a biometric signature of each transaction, meaning committing fraud at one site will lock you out of all other sites no matter what
ID is presented.

Our mission is to make identity fraud and money laundering crimes of the past. Our vision is to become the international identity clearinghouse.

About IDENTIFiD from IDENTIFiD on Vimeo.