Identity theft and fraud account for BILLIONS of lost dollars every year in the U.S. alone. The issue stems from how easy it has become for a fraudster to steal, buy, sell and use another individual’s personal information online. Complete identities are relatively accessible online from only $15-$20, along with millions of stolen credit card numbers.

Because of this, we see the same malicious fraudulent activity, over and over again, in almost every single industry. To add to the problem and to the confusion, different industries have given this singular crime an assortment of different names, and therefore have been treating it as many separate issues with inconsistent and differing solutions.

IDENTIFiD works to be one universal solution, providing an identity confirmation service to all industries and markets, and to unite us all in the fight against fraud and identity theft.

IDENTIFiD provides an elegant and innovative solution to this problem by creating biometric “signatures” that can be taken with any transaction, regardless of industry.


Tax Returns


Airports, Ticket Booking, Rentals, Hotels


ATMs, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Credit Unions


Car, Home, Assets, Life, Health, Other Insurance


Hospitals, Clinics, Privately Owned, Pharmacy