Identity Fraud
By Over 50%

Identifid’s patented technology adds a biometric signature to any transaction.

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What does identifid do?

Identifid is a universal identity confirmation web service using patented biometric technology seeking to detect and eliminate fraud across all industries and channels.


How it works

Identifid’s provides an identity confirmation service that is front-end neutral, biometric agnostic, and system independent – meaning the web-service can be integrated into any existing business or process. An individual’s biometric signature is taken at the time of the transaction, and then compared to various databases to identify prior fraudulent behavior. Our patented technology is designed to deliver financial benefit through fraud reduction, and improved security and privacy for themselves and their customers.

We provide an Identity Confirmation Service across all industries & markets.


Tax Returns / First Responders

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Car, Home, Assets, Life, Health, Other Insurance

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ATMs, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Credit Unions

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Airports, Ticket Booking, Rentals, Hotels

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Hospitals, Clinics, Privately Owned, Pharmacy

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Through biometric scans, identities are better protected and secure from fraud and theft.

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